Training on Available Services

Overview: All New users of PFCC are required to go through onboarding. Additionally, before utilizing any of the self-use equipment in the Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core you must be trained, or show proficiency, and fulfill the Basic Training requirements. We train users on Flow Cytometry, Mass Cytometry, and Genomics equipment. Also, please be reminded all users are required to comply with UCSF Biosafety training.

Recommendation: If you plan on using any of the self-use equipment less than once per month, you may consider utilizing the Assistance service instead.


*** Please be aware there are certain limitations and new guidelines due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our for the latest information regarding the guidelines and support during the COVID-19 pandemic . **

New users of PFCC are required to go through onboarding and additional training (if needed) before operating any of the self-use equipment in the Flow Core to make sure that every user is aware of the facility policies and instrument procedures.  Please visit the New Users page for the initial steps to get started.

The Core provides a variety of educational options to meet the Basic Training requirements. Upon completion of an instrument’s Basic Training, you will be able to self-utilize any instrument listed under that service. If you feel your training session wasn’t enough and you think you need more instruction, please ask and let us know.  We are here to help you, to make sure you get the most out of the equipment, and to get the job done right.

If your project does not require frequent use of our instruments (less than once per month) and you feel that it is not worth learning how to use them, an option is to request Assistance to have a Flow Core Staff member run your samples for you.

For self-users, we encourage practice runs before you do a real experiment. We also recommend for your first time running the instrument to request a Guidance, if you need some additional help later on plan to contact us ahead to make sure that we’re around, so we can help you should you need it. If you prefer requesting a Flow Core staff member to be at a specific instrument to run your samples for you please schedule Assistance. We also provide a Help Line (415-745-2150), so contact us should you need support.

If you are experienced and feel comfortable running the instruments on your own, we only require your attendance at the Onboarding Session which will cover our facility policies/procedures. We run this class every Monday in MSB 8th floor, room S854A. Please register and save a seat through iLab.

We also offer more in-depth training for the different technologies available. If that is what you would prefer, you can find our current Training Course model, updated fees by clicking on the respective pages. Please note Since Feb 1, 2020 all traning registrations are done through iLab unless otherwise specified.


Should you have any questions about the Training classes, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] .