New Users


Overview:  If you are new to flow/mass cytometry or have general questions, we highly suggest you setup a consultation with the Core Manager first to see what is possible.  We can help you with experimental and panel design as well. 

MyCORES:  You must have a MyCores account before utilizing services in the Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core.  For more information on MyCores, click here and submit the online New User Account Form. After your MyCores account has been activated, contact Core staff so we can grant you access to our instruments in MyCores.

Lab Account:  Your lab must also have a Lab Account with us to login to the self-use equipment. The Flow Core will provide your lab login and password for the instruments. Once you have your MyCores and Lab Accounts, you may schedule training, service, and equipment utilization. 

Training:  You must be trained before operating any of the self-use equipment in the Flow Core.

Rules and Scheduling Policies:  After you have been trained, read through the Facility Policies and Scheduling Rules.

Room Access:  You will need to request access to the facilities where the instruments are located if utilizing the self-use instruments.  If you are in need of the Operator Assisted Cell Sorting Service or Assistance to have Flow Core staff run your samples, contact us.

Data Analysis:  See here for options to analyze the data off the instruments.      

Acknowledgements:  The Diabetes Research Center (DRC) subsidizes the cost for DRC members and financially supports project development for all users. Please inform us if you publish using data obtained from our facility. Your publications help support our center grant which assists in keeping this Flow Cytometry Facility running. Users are reminded to acknowledge DRC Center Grant NIH P30 DK063720.  If you used the CyTOF2 "Charmander," please acknowledge Shared Instrument Grant 1S10OD018040-01.  If you used the Aria Fusion "Jabba the Hutt," please acknowledge Shared Instrument Grant 1S10OD021822-01.

Here is the New Users Check List:

  1. Contact the Core Manager for a consultation.
  2. Get your MyCores account setup.
  3. Request access to instruments after receiving MyCores confirmation setup email.
  4. Get your Lab Account setup.
  5. Get Training if utilizing self-use equipment.
  6. Read through the Facility Policies and Scheduling Rules pages.
  7. Read through the Locations & Facility Access page and request access to rooms if utilizing self-use equipment.
  8. Start flowing.
  9. Check here for data analysis options.  If necessary, contact staff for data analysis interpretation.
  10. If you publish with any of our instruments and services, acknowledge DRC Center Grant NIH P30 DK063720.
  11. If you publish with the CyTOF2 "Charmander," acknowledge NIH S10 1S10OD018040-01.
  12. If you publish with the Aria Fusion "Jabba the Hutt," acknowledge NIH S10 1S10OD021822-01.