Facility Access & Locations

PFCC instruments are located at: 

Parnassus Campus: Medical Science Building S854-S864, 513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143

ZSFG Campus: CIL locations


Please note: ONLY ONBOARDED or TRAINED USERS WILL BE GRANTED ACCESS TO PFCC. If you are a New User please start > HERE <


Steps to Request Access using the UCSF Hitachi system:

Following onboarding training, make sure you get access to all the instrument areas.  There is nothing worse than your experiment being ready to be run and you cannot get into the room. The same process applies for existing users that require their access renewed yearly.

  1. Ask your Home Department Administrator, or lab manager, to request access using the Hitachi system on MyAccess.
  2. Request access to codes #: HSE3 (# TCC021), S854-S864 (# TCC383) (Parnassus locations only)
  3. Request "End Date": accepted for ONE YEAR time only (Plan to renew access yearly)
  4. Add to "Requester notes": "attended Onboarding session on: (month/day)" OR "renewall"


Keep in mind it may take several days until the approval is confirmed. Wait for the HITACHI notification or try your keycard the next time you access the locations.

If you are having trouble sending your request through Hitachi system or running into any issues after 7 days since Hitachi request submission please email [email protected].


PFCC Instruments are housed in the following rooms: 


Med Scien Bld



Aurora (Pascal)

Analysis Workstations (Rowl, Barkley & Scooter);   FACSAria (Animal; Beaker; Bunsen Honeydew; Boo Boo; Jabba the Hutt, Mylo and Yogi Bear);   CyTOF-Helios (Charmander; Blue);   LSRII (Kermit, Big Bird); Luminex (The Count); Fortessa X20 (Bert & Ernie);   Fortessa (Cookie Monster, Grover); FACSymphony (Marshmallow Man); Aurora (Abby Caddaby)