PFCC is moving into the Single Cell Analysis Center

Move schedule as of 8/7/2017:

Due to the addition of new equipment and preparation for future construction, we need to move a few things around on Wednesday, 8/16.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact me.  

The following instruments below will be housed in these locations after 8/16/2017:


FACSAria2 Bunsen Honeydew sorter (move from S1456)

S1456 (if you already have access to S854, you have access to this room.)

Gonzo FACSCalibur (move from HSW1209)

Luminex (move from HSW1209)

Minions Access Array (move from S854)

Stitch C1 (move from S854)

Sully Biomark (move from S854)


Grover Fortessa (move from S1456)

Kermit LSR2 (move from S854)


If you need access to these rooms, see here:


Below has been completed already.

Moving notes on 4/6/2016:

All equipment in RMB911E was moved into S854 on Monday, April 4th.  No issues reported and instruments are functioning fine.       

MoFlo Yoda, Arias Animal, Beaker, Boo Boo, and Yogi Bear, Avalon/S3 Demo, and LSRIIs Big Bird and Kermit are in S854.  FACSCalibur Fozzie Bear is now at the MCB campus and is in 650A.  Make sure to wear your PPE (lab coats, gloves, eye protection) when entering the S854 lab area.  Analysis work stations are in S854A office area.  See here for updates:

Ethernet ports in S854 are activated now and internet works on all computers.  Make sure to check the MyCores scheduler after you’re done.

Door card reader for S854 & S854A Office area works.  Make sure to get access.  

AC is now on.       

More detailed info below:  

The Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core is moving into the Single Cell Analysis Center (SCAC) in Medical Sciences S854. This is a two phase project, where the sorters and analysis work stations will be moved into the S854 phase 1 completed space as well as equipment used for single cell analysis such as the Biomark, C1, and Access Array. Other analyzer instruments will be consolidated also into rooms we have available during this phase 1, to reduce the sites the core has to watch over. Once the phase 2 adjacent space in S864 is completed, the rest of the analyzers will move into the combined S854-S864 space.  For more info about the SCAC, see here. Contact me or other staff members if you have any questions.     

What do you need to do?

1)  Get access to S854 and other rooms.  Provide the 5 items in bold in this link here to the appropriate people:

2)  Note when and where the machines are moving to below in the schedule.

S854 is located where the green check mark is on the map.

S854 Location


Updated schedule as of 4/6/16:  It’s been hard to get firm dates due to construction issues.  Note that these days and locations below could change at any time.      

Single Cell Analysis Center

New Services/Instrumentation

CyTOF2: operational now.  

C1:  ETA April-May

Access Array:  ETA April-May

Biomark:  ETA April-May


CyTOF2 Charmander analyzer  (Moved on 2/1, installation, training & development for Core staff on 2/1-3/21, ready to go on 3/21) 

MoFlo Yoda sorter  (Move on 2/8, reinstall on 2/8-2/10, and ready to go)    

Avalon Demo sorter (Moved on 2/1 and ready to go)

Aria2 Beaker sorter (Moved on 2/1 and ready to go)

Aria3 Animal sorter  (Moved on 2/1 and ready to go on 2/4)   

Aria2(yg) Yogi Bear sorter (Moved on 4/4 and ready to go)

Aria2(uv) Boo Boo sorter (Moved on 4/4 and ready to go)

LSR2 Big Bird analyzer (Moved on 2/1 and ready to go)  

LSR2 Kermit analyzer (Moved on 4/4 and ready to go)  

PC Scooter analysis work station (Move on 2/2, and ready to go)

PC Rowlf the Dog analysis work station (Move on 2/2, and ready to go)

Access Array sample prep (Move by May)

Biomark analyzer (Move by May)

C1 sample prep (Move by May)

General lab equipment such as fridges, centrifuge, cell counter, microscope, etc, will be available, so you won’t have to run back and forth between S854 and your lab.  As you use the facility, please let us know if there is additional equipment we should add.    

HSW1209:  (Stay until phase 2 of S864 is complete)

Dual Fortessa Bert analyzer

Dual Fortessa Ernie analyzer  

FACSCalibur Gonzo analyzer 

HSW542:  (Moving out all equipment asap.  Location TBD)  

LSR2 Oscar analyzer (Moved on 2/1 and ready to go)

Fortessa Cookie Monster analyzer

HSE3:  (Stay until phase 2 of S864 is complete)

Aria Fusion Mylo sorter