MoFlo XDP Training Classes

MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

OverviewAlthough, the Operator Assisted Cell Sorting service using the MoFlo XDP does not require you to learn how to run the instrument, it is useful to have a basic understanding of flow cytometry as well as how the instrument works. 

If you plan on running sorts during nights, weekends and holidays, it is recommended to learn and utilize the Arias or the SH800 for your cell sorting needs.  Advanced Training is available upon request for those who want to learn more and how to operate the MoFlo XDP.

These highly recommended tutorials provided by Beckman Coulter are excellent for beginners and even advanced users might learn a few things.  Please view the 3 tutorials ahead of your scheduled consultation and sort, as they provide very useful information in understanding flow cytometry and the software used to control the instruments.

Beckman Coulter’s Online Tutorials

1) Recommended for new users of any flow cytometer: "Flow Cytometry Applications"

2) Recommended for new users of any sorter: "The Art of Sorting"

3) Recommended for Advanced Training users: "Summit Software Overview"

To schedule Advanced Training or use this service, contact us.