LSRII/Fortessa/X20/FACSymphony Training Classes


Overview: All LSRII/Fortessa/X-20/Symphony users need to fulfill Basic Training requirements, which covers Core logistics, flow cytometry basics, experimental design, instrument startup/utilization, workflow, FACSDiva software overview, running test samples, system changeover/shutdown, analysis options, data management, and general troubleshooting.


The LSRII, Fortessa, X-20, and Symphony appear different, but the operation and workflow are performed in the same manner on all instrument types. Symphony users must also take the Advanced Training for QC, but the Symphony Basic Training can be conducted on any of the other LSRII/Fortessa/X-20/Symphony instruments.  The Core will provide all necessary reagents and samples for the Hands-On training.  For the Guidance sessions, you will provide your own samples.  If you analyze infrequently and feel that it is not worth learning how to use these instruments, an option is to request Assistance to have a Flow Core Staff member run your samples for you. 

X50 straight shot

Please view this online tutorial, “Introduction to Flow Cytometry,” before your scheduled training, as it will help you in understanding flow cytometry basics.  This highly recommended tutorial is excellent for beginners and even advanced users might learn a few things.

Basic Training Requirements:  We allow you to evaluate your skill level (Novice, Competent, Proficient), and depending on your experience level you will need to sign up for some or all the three classes mentioned below. Though if we observe you need additional help, you will be required to take supplementary training.  


UCSF Flow Training Program:  

Part (1) Principles of Flow Cytometry: For those new to flow cytometry, or would like reinforcement of flow cytometry fundamentals. The Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core (PFCC) is partnering with the CIL which provides a lecture and lab course designed to cover the basics and theory of flow cytometry.  See here for more info.

Part (2) FACSDiva Software Class: to familiarize users with the workflow and operation of software in BD analyzers and sorters.

Part (3) Sorting Class: fundamentals about cell sorting and to familiarize users with the workflow on a FACSAria / SH800 sorter. 


Skill Level Training Required

Novice: Never utilized flow cytometry, less than 6 months' experience, or want to learn as much as possible.

The Core requires the following 3 classes.  Total cost = $440 per person (internal rate)

1.  Principles of Flow Cytometry. Click here to register for the next available class. Class is about 3 hours long.  Cost = $216 per person. 


2.  FACSDiva Software. Click here to register for the next available class.  

Class is about 3 hours long.  Cost = $224 per person.


3.  PFCC Guidance Session. Email [email protected] to notify the Flow Core staff.

Upon completion of both the CIL and Hands-On portion, you will then schedule Guidance sessions with a member of the Core, to help reinforce the training and practice with your samples.  Same rate as appropriate instrument charge.  No additional training charges. 

Competent:  Have some experience (greater than 6 months) with flow cytometry, but could use a refresher, or want to make sure you know what you need to know.

The Core requires either the Principles of Flow Cytometry or the FACSDiva Class.  Once completed then schedule the PFCC Guidance.  Total cost = $216 or $224 per person (internal rate)

1.  Principles of Flow Cytometry. Click here to register for the next available class.

Class is about 3 hours long.  Cost = $216 per person. 


2.  FACSDiva Software. Click here to register for the next available class.  

Class is about 3 hours long.  Cost = $224 per person.


3.  PFCC Guidance Session. Email [email protected] to notify the Flow Core staff.

Proficient:  Have experience (greater than 2 years) with flow cytometry. 

The Core requires the following 1 class.  Total cost = $32 per person (internal rate)

PFCC Logistical Class:  For those who already have experience, and are of at least intermediate level, you are required to go through the logistical training so you know what you are responsible for and what resources are available to you.  If we observe that you need training or require what amounts to Assistance, we will have you go through the other Basic Training options.  This class is run on a weekly basis.

Click here to register for the next available class. Class is about 30 minutes long.  Cost = $32 per person.


Should you have any problems or questions about the registration, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]


LSRII/Fortessa/X20/Symphony Advanced Training

Choose any concept or topic that you want more detailed instruction in, and a member of the Flow Core can cover in detail and provide more Hands-On Training if necessary.  You must have fulfilled the Basic Training requirement as a prerequisite.  Training for the HTS plate loader would fall under this category.  Symphony users must take the Advanced Training so the instrument is setup with the proper QC values.  HTS class is about 1 hour long.  Symphony X50 class is about 1 hour long.  Cost = $64 per hour.


Rates:  Click HERE.

To schedule Basic or Advanced Training, contact us.