Availability: Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm.  You must schedule as soon as you make the instrument reservation and provide the requested advanced notice here.

Overview:  The Guidance service is requesting a Flow Core staff member to help you become more familiar with the instrument after the initial training.

Guidance can also be requested if you need staff to review your instrument settings while you are setting up the instrument or any other general instrument questions. This differs from the Core's Assistance service, as the Guidance service has no charge associated with it.  External users do not have this option and must request the Assistance service for their Guidance.

Rates:  Click HERE. 

Scheduling:  Contact Flow Core staff at [email protected] as soon as you make the instrument reservation so that Core staff have as much advanced notice as possible.  See here for advanced notice requirements and response times.  Requests made less than the required advanced notice may not be able to be accommodated. If the Guidance can be fit in or if the Core staff feels you are abusing this Guidance, you may be charged with the Assistance service. Click HERE for additional scheduling information.