Availability: Flexible, but must schedule as soon as you make the instrument reservation and provide the requested advanced notice here.

Overview:  The Assistance service is requesting a Flow Core staff member to be at a specific instrument to run your samples for you. Assistance can also be requested if you need instrument setup on weekends, holidays, and non-normal work hours (Monday-Friday from 7pm-8am at standard rate).

The Core may charge double the Assistance rate if a request is made to operate and run samples on weekends, holidays, and non-normal work hours. This differs from the Core's Guidance service, as the Guidance service has no charge associated with it and is useful for users who need a bit of help when running their own samples and checking their instrument settings.

Rates:  Click HERE.

Scheduling:  Contact Flow Core staff at [email protected] as soon as you make the instrument reservation so that Core staff have as much advanced notice as possible.  See here for advanced notice requirements and response timesRequests made less than the required advanced notice may not be able to be accommodated.  Core staff will add the appropriate Assistance service fee to the self-use instrument usage time. If the Assistance can be fit in, the Core may charge the service at double the rate depending on the circumstances.  If you continue to schedule last minute without justifiable reason, you will be denied access to the facility. Click HERE for additional scheduling information.

The MoFlo XDP Calendar is all blocked off with these same instructions in the Comments field and the Flow Core staff will sign up on your behalf after you contact us.