Training on Available Services


Overview:  You must be trained and fulfill the Basic Training requirements before utilizing any of the self-use equipment in the Flow Cytometry Core. We train on flow cytometry, mass cytometry, and genomics equipment.  If you plan on using the equipment less than once per week, you should consider utilizing the Assistance service.


The Core provides a variety of educational options to meet the Basic Training requirements.  A UCSF Flow Cytometry Training Course, hosted by the Core Immunology Lab (CIL), with a heavy focus on theory, is of great benefit to new users, and even experienced practitioners can learn and help reinforce best practices.  Hands-on and Guidance Training sessions with the Parnassus Flow Core staff are required to get you properly educated to utilize the equipment correctly.  The Core will provide all necessary reagents and samples for the flow and mass cytometry instrument hands-on trainings.  During the Guidance Training sessions, we would prefer you bring your own samples.  For the genomics instruments, you will need to provide your own chips, reagents, and samples.  We also offer a Logistical Class for experienced users.  For trainings provided by the Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core (PFCC), we will cover Core logistics, flow/mass cytometry or genomic instrument basics, experimental design, equipment utilization, work flow, software, system changeover/shutdown, analysis options, data management, and general troubleshooting. These items will be reinforced during the Guidance Training sessions.


Upon completion of an instrument’s Basic Training, you will be able to utilize any instrument listed under that service.  If you feel your training session wasn’t enough and you think you need more instruction, please ask and let us know.  We are here to help you out, to make sure you get the most out of the equipment, and to get the job done right.  We encourage practice runs before you do a real experiment.  We also recommend for your first batch of experiments that if you need some additional Guidance, contact us to make sure that we’re around, so we can help you should you need it.  We also provide a Help Line (415-745-2150), so contact us should you need support.  Experimental design and post-experimental data analysis consultations are free, so contact us and we’ll get your questions answered.  If you would prefer to have Flow Core staff run and/or analyze your samples for you, check out our Assistance service.

Please click on the instrument training info below for more information:

Service Instrument Training

Self Analysis FACSCalibur

"Fozzie Bear" FACSCalibur MCB650A

"Gonzo the Great" FACSCalibur HSW1209

FACSCalibur Training

Self Analysis LSR/Fortessa/X20/FACSymphony

"Bert" Fortessa X-20 Dual HSW1209

"Big Bird" LSRII S854

"Cookie Monster" Fortessa HSW542

"Ernie" Fortessa X-20 Dual HSW1209

"Kermit" LSRII S854

"Oscar the Grouch" LSRII HSW542

"Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" FACSymphony X-50 HSE301D 

LSRII/Fortessa/X20/Symphony Training

Self Analysis CyTOF

"Charmander" CyTOF2 S854

CyTOF Training

Self Sorting SH800

"Crash Bandicoot" SH800 S854

SH800 Training

Self Sorting FACSAria

"Animal" Aria3u S854

"Beaker" Aria2SORP S854

"Boo Boo" Aria2UV S854

"Jabba the Hutt" Aria Fusion S854

"Mylo" Aria Fusion HSE302E

"Yogi Bear" Aria2YG S854

FACSAria Training

Self Genomic Isolation C1

"Stitch" C1 S854

C1 Training

Self Genomic Analysis Biomark

"Sully" Biomark S854

Biomark Training

Self Genomic Library Prep Access Array

"Minions" Access Array S854

Access Array Training

Operator Assisted Cell Sorting MoFlo

"Yoda" MoFlo XDP S854

"The Backup" MoFlo XDP S1067

MoFlo Training