Self Sorting on the Avalon/S3

Avalon/S3 nozzle

Availability: 24 hours, 7 days a week. (Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm with "Avalon/S3-Setup.")

Overview:  The Propel/BioRad Avalon/S3 is a walk-up flow cytometer cell sorter equipped with 2 lasers, generating data of up to 6 parameters for each event passing through the interrogation point, and allows the collection of up to 2 different populations.

This sorter can detect 2 relative physical properties as well as up to 4 different colors simultaneously.  The Avalon/S3 accommodates a 100 micron nozzle and can analyze and sort cells at a rate of 10,000 events per second (36 million events per hour) and with a purity of greater than 98%.  Samples can be run at adjustable flow rates, or set on cruise control to maintain a specific rate.  Analysis occurs after the hydrodynamic focusing of the stream through the nozzle.  The electronics allow for nearly zero dead time, resulting in significantly less hard aborts compared to the Aria and other flow cytometers, allowing researchers to see almost everything in their sample.   Sorts have been performed under various conditions resulting in viable cells that proliferated for several days post-sort. The sample chamber and collection tube holder can be temperature controlled and sorted samples can be collected in various tube types with up to 2 different populations sorted at one time. The Avalon/S3 is equipped with an adapter, allowing single cell sorting into 8 well strips or onto slides as well as an Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) which contains aerosols that are generated during a clog.  BSL-2 samples can be sorted on this instrument. The Avalon/S3 is operated using ProSort Software and is available for all labs to use.

This service is highly recommended for those who sort using 4 colors or less and those labs using fluorescent proteins. If certain laser lines are required, we’ll help you make a recommendation on which instrument would be best for your situation.

Training:  All Avalon/S3 users are required to take Basic Training. If you need training, a refresher, or would like to become a superuser, click HERE.

Assistance:  If you run samples infrequently, it is recommended to request Assistance to have a Flow Core staff member run samples for you. Click HERE.

Rates:  Click HERE. 

Scheduling:  Click HERE.

Data Analysis:  Raw data is in a FCS file format.  For analysis options, click HERE.

Setup Operation:  During normal Avalon/S3 working hours of Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm, the instrument will be setup for you by Flow Core staff. “Avalon/S3-Setup” is defined as: stable stream breakoff set, machine QCd, drop delay calibrated, and sort streams aligned. After setup has been performed, you can run samples yourself once you have completed Basic Training.  If you are not a superuser and need assistance setting up the instrument during non-normal work hours (Monday-Friday from 7pm-8am, weekends, or holidays), you can request 1 hour of Assistance from a core staff member so we can get the instrument setup for you. If you sort frequently during non-normal work hours, it is highly recommended to go through the Avalon/S3 Advanced Training to become a superuser. If you sort infrequently, it is recommended to use the MoFlo XDP for your cell sorting needs.

Avalon/S3 nozzle pieces

Instrument Features:  The Summary Table HERE will provide a matrix of all the key features of each instrument.  Click on the nickname link of a specific instrument to get a more detailed layout.  Tabs are also at the bottom listing the machine nicknames.  It is essential for planning your experiments and seeing if an instrument can detect your specific markers.  If you need to download a copy, click on "File" then "Download as" from the Google menu.  Check out what the instrument is equipped with and contact us if you have any questions about it.