Lab Locations and Facility Access


Card Access to Instrument Rooms

Following instrument training, make sure you get access to all the instrument areas.  There is nothing worse than your experiment being ready to be run and you cannot get into the room.  Click HERE or contact the people below, and copy & paste into an email, providing the following 5 pieces of information:

1. Whose lab do you work in?

2. Why do you need access to the facility?

3. How long you need access for (end date and year)?

4. Provide your UCSF Employee ID number (9 digits).

5. Have a picture (any file format) of the front and back of your UCSF ID. It helps to include the numbers on your ID if they are hard to read.

For access to HSE3, HSW542, S854, HSW10, HSW11, HSW1209, and S1456, please email the following people: ; ; ; ;

All instruments are located at: 

513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143

Instruments are housed in the following rooms: 

Do not leave a voicemail on any of these phone numbers as no one checks it.  To reach Flow Core staff, contact us.

Room Info

Webcam Links

All Webcams

All Webcams


Phone Number

Health Sciences East 3 (HSE3)

HSE3 Webcams

HSE301D Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Webcam

HSE302E Mylo Webcam

Aria Fusion (Mylo) HSE302E

Fortessa X50 (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) HSE301D


Health Sciences West 542 (HSW542)

HSW542 Webcam

HSW542 Webcam

Fortessa (Cookie Monster) &

LSRII (Oscar the Grouch)


Medical Sciences 854 (S854)

S854 Location

S854 is located where the green check mark is on the map.

S854 Webcams

Yogi Bear & Kermit Webcam


Analysis work stations (Rowlf & Scooter)

Aria3u (Animal), Aria2 (Beaker), Aria2UV (Boo Boo), Aria Fusion (Jabba the Hutt), & Aria2YG (Yogi Bear)

SH800 (Crash Bandicoot)

MoFloXDP (Yoda)

CyTOF2 (Charmander)

LSRII (Big Bird) & LSRII (Kermit) 

C1 (Stitch)

Biomark (Sully)

Access Array (Minions)


Health Sciences West 1209 (HSW1209)

HSW1209 Webcams

Bert & Ernie



Fortessa X20 Dual (Bert and Ernie)

FACSCalibur (Gonzo the Great)


Medical Sciences 1456 (S1456)

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon