CyTOF Hands-On Training Classes

The type of training conducted is dependent on your needs.  If you plan to run during normal working hours (Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm), Basic Training will suffice.  Members of the Flow Core perform "CyTOF-Setup" during normal working hours based off the scheduled users.  If you plan to run samples heavily during nights, weekends, and holidays, you should take Advanced Training.

If you run samples infrequently and feel that it is not worth learning how to run samples on the CyTOF, it is recommended to request Assistance to have a Flow Core Staff member run samples for you on the CyTOF.

CyTOF Basic Training

New Users: schedule a minimum of 4 hours

Refresher: schedule a minimum of 2 hours

All CyTOF users are required to take Basic Training, which covers Core logistics, mass cytometry basics, experimental design, instrument utilization, workflow, CyTOF acquisition software overview, running test samples, system changeover/shutdown, analysis options, data management, and general troubleshooting.  The Core will provide all necessary reagents and samples for the training.  

Please view the manual before your scheduled Hands-On Training, as it will help you in understanding mass cytometry basics and the software.  

Fluidigm’s CyTOF Resources

1)  Recommended for new users of the CyTOF:  CyTOF2 Manual V6.0.626  

2)  Get an account here as this will give you access to important resources and background info as well as the panel designer: 

CyTOF Advanced Training

For users who would like to setup the instrument on their own, during non-normal work hours (Monday-Friday from 6pm-10am, weekends, and holidays), or become superusers for their lab, Advanced Training is highly recommended.  In addition to reviewing what was covered under Basic Training, users will be trained on "CyTOF-Setup" which focuses on instrument startup.     

1)  You must take CyTOF Basic Training.

2)  After completing CyTOF Basic Training, you must perform a 10 hour operator course.  Notify Core staff and we will bill 10 hours of CyTOF use appropriately.  This training will be spread out over a couple of weeks and will involve a minimum of 5 CyTOF setups where you are trained under the supervision of a Core staff member. You will not have to book any time for the trainings, but you will have to check the scheduler for opportunities to setup and inform Core staff of your availability.  You should plan for about an hour a day and is best recommended to do in the morning on the first setup of the day.

3)  Final:  Please schedule a minimum of 3 hours to be blocked off by Core Staff.  This is included in the original 10 hour billing above.  You will perform a mock training session with a Core staff member and teach them on how to setup, run samples, and shutdown the instrument.  After completion, you will become a superuser for your lab, and will be able to setup the instrument on your own at any time.   

To schedule Basic or Advanced Training, contact us.