C1 Hands-On Training Classes

C1C1 Basic Training

New Users: schedule a minimum of 8 hours.

Refresher: schedule a minimum of 1 hour.

All C1 users are required to take Basic Training, which covers Core logistics, C1 basics, experimental design, instrument startup/utilization, workflow, C1 software overview, running test samples, system changeover/shutdown, and general troubleshooting.  You must provide all necessary reagents and samples for the training.  We do have used chips available for practice to go through the motions.  If you utilize this infrequently and feel that it is not worth learning how to use this instrument, an option is to request Assistance to have a Flow Core Staff member run your samples for you.  

Please view the protocol you plan on using before your scheduled Hands-On Training, as it will help you in understanding C1 basics.  After you've gone through one, the overall workflow is pretty similar and can be carried over to the other protocols.  

C1 Protocols

Schedule Basic Training, contact us.